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He has been also described as “a political theologian”.

He favored doctoring his history in his own words to “be useful first to ourselves and afterwards to posterity”.

Dr Tischendorf made this comment: “We must frankly admit that we have no source of information with respect to the life of Jesus Christ other than ecclesiastic writings assembled during the fourth century.” (Codex Sinaiticus, Dr Constantin von Tischendorf, British Library, London) There is an explanation for those hundreds of years of silence: the construct of Christianity did not begin until after the first quarter of the fourth century, and that is why Pope Leo X (d.1521) called Christ a “fable” (Cardinal Bembo: His Letters…, op.cit.), and later Pope Paul III expressed similar sentiments, saying that there was no valid document to demonstrate the existence of Christ.Edward Gibbon (18th century historian –“The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”) dismissed his testimony on the number of martyrs and impugned his honesty At first, there was controversy about the new religion at the Council of Nicaea.Some claimed it was a fiction and Christ was a fiction, but they did not prevail. (To be clear on this matter, I say don’t trust Eusebius’s reports of the Apostles or how the Apostles died, and be suspicious of all of his writings.) – Author Samuel Butler Eusebius then arranged for scribes to produce fifty sumptuous copies to be written on parchment in a legible manner, and in a convenient portable form, by professional scribes thoroughly accomplished in their art (ibid.).

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