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The registrar keeps the death certificate from the doctor. As part of the process the registrar will provide three certificates free of charge: If you want a full death certificate which also shows the cause of death, parent and partner’s details, this costs £10 at the time of registration.

Any request for a full or abbreviated death certificate made after one month of the date of registration will cost £15 (a £5 search fee is included in this).

Full birth certificates giving details of parents as well as the child are available at the time of registration and these also cost £4.00.

Full birth certificates are required for first-time British passport applications. If you wish to amend details or record new information on birth certificates you must apply to the Registrar General for authorisation.

We cannot register a death which did not take place in Scotland.

There are five Registration Offices in South Lanarkshire.

If you can't go to the district where your baby was born you can go to another office (still within 42 days or six weeks) and the registrar will send your details to the appropriate district office - who will then send you the birth certificate.Please remember one of the parents must register the birth personally; you cannot ask a friend or relative to register the birth on your behalf.From 1 November 2017 there will be a charge of up to £90 for any application to correct any errors to a registration.This certificate shows the baby's forenames, surname, sex, date of birth and district of birth only.A full birth certificate is also available from the registrar for £4, and this will show full details of the registered entry.

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