Physician dating former patient

But when her condition worsens and requires risky surgery, it's Chase's judgment that's compromised.

» House Recaps » » » Dr » House Calls (Forum) » house-md.5» House (Spanish) » House, M. (German) » » housespain.(Spanish) » medical shows forum » House/Cam 'Ship Fanlisting » » House-isms » House M. Link Archive » The Differential » The Original Hugh Laurie Site » Bits of Hugh » Hugh Laurie FAQ » Lisa Edelstein » Official Jesse Spencer Site » Hugh Laurie » Bits of Laurie » Robert Sean » » hughlaurie.COMPOSER(S): Christopher Hoag Jon Ehrlich and Jason Derlatka STARRING: Hugh Laurie (Dr. Meanwhile, Foreman tries a different approach with House.

:: 820 "POST MORTEM" [NEW] An ailing Princeton-Plainsboro pathologist doesn't trust any of his colleagues to diagnose and treat him, except for House -- who's missing.

So House's team must make the skeptical patient believe that House is actually directing his case.

:: 813 "MAN OF THE HOUSE" [NEW] A hospitalized marriage counselor shows behavior that contradicts his motivational message on gender roles.

Meanwhile, House and his green-card Ukrainian "wife" try to show immigration officials that they're a happily married couple. :: 812 "CHASE" [NEW] Chase connects with a cloistered nun he's treating who's on the verge of taking her final vows.

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