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"But grandmas know a lot." So does Murphy, and he has a couple of degrees to prove it: a bachelor’s in psychology from Clark University and a master’s in Jewish studies from Hebrew College, "How could a grandmother not be proud? Putting himself in a position to earn those degrees was not easy.

"He went to four colleges before he got his bachelor’s," says his Millburn-raised mother, Gail Shapiro, who edited the book.

And that, Lewis says, is precisely what makes their lives so difficult.

"They are so verbal and often so bright that they appear super-competent," she says.

"Kids with NLD don’t ‘look and learn,’ so they need to be specifically taught — in words — what most people learn automatically," says Judy Lewis, an educator and coach based in Carmel, Calif., who runs the website and whose many New Jersey clients have included J. But the verbal information clings to it like a warm baguette, giving people with NLD a tendency to be extremely articulate.

"So the expectations are incredibly high for these kids — and adults — who have so many problems just getting through the day." Like children with Asperger syndrome, with which this disorder sometimes co-exists and shares many traits, youngsters with NLD have significant difficulty acquiring social skills because of their inability to read nonverbal cues.

They have social and emotional problems on top of their academic challenges, which, without effective interventions, worsen as they mature and learning becomes more abstract and conceptual.

C.’s extraordinary talents co-existed with some serious deficits.

could hum Brahms’ lullaby and the theme from "Jeopardy." At 2, he could name the U. Though his grandparents — naturally — insisted he was gifted, his parents knew that J.

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