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Neither the officer's body camera nor a dashboard camera were turned on, depriving authorities of potential evidence."There's a knee jerk assumption that something nefarious is occurring" when cameras are not turned on, said spokesman Steve Tuttle of Axon Enterprise Inc, a leading maker of body cameras formerly called Taser International and the manufacturer of the equipment used in Minneapolis.Minneapolis rolled out cameras late last year, and the department adopted guidelines calling for officers to activate them "when safe" in a variety of situations including traffic stops, emergency responses, vehicle pursuits, searches and before any use of force or contact with citizens.There is only spotty national evidence available about how frequently police fail to turn on cameras.– Submit Your GF Porn Download This 💦💦 See My GF is dedicated to real videos of real sexy encounters.We don’t mind bad lighting or no production value, as long as it’s real amateur porn and it’s hot.

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