Armory page not updating

Change something on your character, like a piece of gear, etc. That sometimes forces an update for your character on the blizzard API.Also, since this is untested, it’s possible we have to update something on our end. To further update this my profile corrected itself again last night and was working as you would expect but again this morning it has reverted to lvl 85 etc rendering the mobile app useless.Can you please look into this as its not simply a case of the armory not having updated.

We have to wait for Blizzard to fix this, it isn’t something we can do. One way to jumpstart the API again is to login to Wo W.I read in another thread, that Blizz says, it is the large amount of data, being sent to the armoury, especially after MOP has gone live, that is the cause, of the application (armoury) not updating correctly.So until something i done about, being able to handle "large amounts" of data, it looks as if we just have to be patient, and grumble about it..... Just did a faction change, realm change, guild change, race change and just upgraded from BC to Cata....Good luck on the new realm, with the new race and in the new guild :)Also, please try not to bring back 1 year old posts, you would be better off making your own thread about the issue.

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