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As you might imagine Saturday nights is a scream around Gram's house.All the women over sixteen are on dates and Grams and I are watching "Gunsmoke" on TV while we try to keep the younger girls out of trouble.Authors note: Except for a few contests this is my first attempt at a story to be read by others. If you like the story this tale could take many paths.

What’s the real impact of your loudly singing coworker on your ability to focus? My aunt's salaries, of two to four thousand a month, were indeed a princely figure.Oh, did I mention not one of them would have looked out of place on the "Playboy" centerfold.* As I watched my eighteen-year-old grandson with his sixty- seven mustang my thoughts wandered back to the early sixties and my first car. I liked her because I enjoyed the second most memorable event of my life on the spacious front seat.The most memorable had occurred on my fourteenth birthday.

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