Songs about dating a childhood friend

It’s also come to the point where we know what the other is thinking or what we’re going to say. Like in every relationship, we learn new things about our significant other. We laugh uncontrollably at the fact that we were so young and innocent; who knew that a friendship that lasted this long would turn into a great love?We can tell our children the greatest story of how we met! I used to call you, and we'd talk until the phone grew hot against my ear. I was determined to like her, because I knew you did and I knew she was a good friend to you. I wanted you to have friends, and K was a good person. Texting back, calling back – always low on credit, you became near impossible to contact. When I look back on how many years have gone by since the first day I met my boyfriend, I smile at how young we were.We were both living in the same building and I remember going to the laundry room with my mom.

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Nostalgia kicks in and you’re reminded of the amazing moments you shared in the past, and the ones you’ll make for the future.

Also, when you’ve known them for so long, you feel completely comfortable.

I was in two serious relationships prior to the one I’m in now, and I can tell you that I only began feeling completely comfortable around hem after around six months, as opposed to with my boyfriend now; I was already comfortable with him, and I feel no shame. Don’t get me wrong, we still have arguments and sometimes we disagree with each other – just because we’ve known each other almost our whole lives doesn’t mean we know everything about each other. The best thing about knowing my boyfriend since we were kids is looking back at photos and videos.

This one's warmer and fuzzier than just about any vintage guitar tone White has deafened us with in his post-elementary-school years.

Pinpointing the moment where we stopped being whatever we were is as difficult as describing it. Mates and best friends and partners in crime, sisters and team mates and constants. We'd go for smoothies at the village café, we played social volleyball and netball and touch rugby in the same team.

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