Now updating garrys mod please wait

Today we are releasing an updated version of the vehicle physics scripts. There will also be some new content arriving in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more. You can download the full client installer from one of our official mirrors: Moddatabase File Planet HL2Files Steam Friends Vossey Strategy Informer Atomic Gamer Internode the3Bor Gamers Aus Gamers You can find the Windows Dedicated Server package and a full list of download locations in our download section.

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We assume you have enough Windows knowledge to find, download, and run files, etc.

The next step is adding Capture The Flag, Domination and Assault game modes.

For those who can't wait for the next release we have prepared a few desktop wallpapers.

Planet Halflife has also featured a very nice video review of D.

Boyblunder has created some nice screenshots of DIPRIP cars inside Garry's Mod: You can find more fan made videos on youtube or at our forums.

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