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In terms of use case momentum, Lucas is sold on workflow management.

“I think workflow is far more interesting than other use cases and we think out product is well suited for it,” said Lucas.

It will take several years for consumers to shift from thinking that websites are the place to start an interaction in most markets.

However, Facebook’s launch in early November 2017 of its private beta Customer Chat Plugin is a significant step toward overcoming this hurdle.

In the case of e-commerce & sales VDAs, consumers conceivably would not need to leave Messenger to complete a transaction.

Facebook plans to aggressively pursue the business applications VDA use case (productivity, collaboration, and workflow/project management) through Workplace by Facebook. AI, has focused a significant amount of its energy on workflow management chatbots with Workplace by Facebook. AI launched its partnership with Google to power chatbots on Google Assistant and announced it was a launch partner for Workplace by Facebook. AI chatbots were designed from the outset to integrate with the existing tools, services, and business workflow of the companies using them, without the need for additional code or software.

Chatbots are a hot topic in the retail industry, but so far the execution has mostly amounted to little more than a novelty experience for customers. In this developer code pattern, learn how you can create an easily configurable, retail-ready Watson Conversation-based chatbot that lets a user find items to purchase and then add and remove items from their cart.

There tends to be quite a few delivery attempts to non-existing addresses (including truncated versions of spam-bait I dangled on Use Net back in the late 90s, when address-scraping was very prevalent).

The plugin allows developers to integrate Facebook Messenger bots directly into a company website.

Additionally, the plugin loads recent chat history for that individual and enterprise, and the history will follow across channels back to the Messenger app.

The greatly publicized number of 100,000 chatbots on the platform may be slightly misleading in terms of how Tractica defines the key enterprise use cases for chatbots.

However, over the next few years, the Messenger platform is well positioned to become a significant channel for business application VDAs.

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