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With the national average life expectancy being 74.79 years for white men and 67.66 years for black men and 79.84 years for white women in comparison to 74.64 years for black women, it is clear that the statistical odds of living longer than whites in many states seems bleak.Various factors have led to these figures that work against our community as a whole, as well as the quality of life.If you’re still feeling glum, here’s one last nugget of advice from 19 century wordsmith Kahlil Gibran: “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” And once you’ve made your recovery, and emerged blinking into the sunlight of a new day? Although the racial gaps in many areas of life are closing slightly in the U.Whether you’re a man reeling from being unceremoniously crumpled up and lobbed into the trash can of love, or you’re a woman baffled at the behavior of an ex who you were convinced was sane, chances are you’ve happened upon this article in the middle of a frantic heartbreak-induced Googling session.While the internet is awash with break up advice for women, there’s very little information out there on how men deal with breakups.

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Whether it’s a cathartic vent over a drink with friends, or a teary phone call to your parents, opening up is the first step towards making a full recovery.

As you may have surmized by now, the majority of research points towards men being generally dire when it comes to handling break ups.

So, then, the million dollar question: what’s a lovelorn man to do?

(Don’t worry, it definitely is.) For many men, the first instinct in a break up is self destruction – to pirouette back into the past, filling free time with unhealthy habits and cheap alcohol to numb the pain. Instead of spending the sudden stack of empty hours you’ve acquired moping around in your sweats and scowling out at the world through cracks in drawn drapes, use your new free time to improve yourself, or get back into a hobby you’ve lost touch with.

If you’re searching to reconnect with the old ‘you’, you’re much more likely to find the answer in your favorite pastimes than at the bottom of a glass.

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