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During soundcheck the empty room would shudder to the ghosts of the trains rumbling below.

There was a guy at Zen Studios who seemed to be Hank Rollins? You’d get a gig at [The Sando](/articles/4494003) and have to get there early enough to assemble the makeshift stage out of milk crates.

The SLAM cranked it up during a nine-point run to start the second half while outscoring SBA Caldwell 19-6 before quarter time as eight players chipped in offensively, led by Thera’s five points and a pair of field goals 23 second apart by Ella Stanley midway through the third period.

They and their tribe were all sitting on the floor; no one had any shoes on. He had this playful curiosity that would surprise those, like ourselves, that were compelled by the utter ferocity that he could summon in his music – raw, deep, rhythmic, bone-shattering Australian independent music. [Lunarcide]( with their Beefheart-meets-Einst’rzende freakery, the bug-eyed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle backpack-wearing early line-up of [Gerling](/news/4302398), the whole shebang’s elder statesmen/resident geniuses [Crow](/releases/2000695); then, front right and centre, Midget and the collective that trailed with them. We used to go across the road from the old Troy Horse studios in King St and eat cheap focaccias at this crusty punk caf?

I was going through a bowtie-wearing stage and felt slightly out of my depth. , then load gear up the stairs of Newtown train station to play at an ex-reggae club called Feedback.

Albert SLAM midget A girls during Sunday’s final at the Youth Provincial Championships.

The SLAM downed SBA Caldwell 51-30 for a second-straight undefeated championship season.

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