Olx dating site

He says that while online retailers were clearly successful, there is a much larger India, whose users are less sophisticated, and do not prefer to transact online.

Craigslist also has a presence in India though it's not a particularly well known site among the larger audience in India.For OLX, TV is important because it has given a lot of visibility to the business. Chulet says, "TV is very important for brand building, but it also helps us to find sellers." That's because people don't always realise that they have the option of selling old goods.That's also why Quikr's latest ads highlight the concept of MSP - maximum sale's price, to help sellers and buyers figure out how to price goods in a secondhand market.The competition is taking place in areas of data science and data engineering.2018 is already the third edition and this time the challenge is to build a prediction model, that will determine which good items will find a new owner within 2 weeks, You receive 1 million items and gigabytes of search logs from each of 12 time points in last year.

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