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Some of the things I saw I tried on my siblings and friends when we played.

Then of course there was my fascination with Harry Houdini the escape artist.

I’ve played with total spankos with absolutely no need of restraints and played with those that if I didn’t restraint their limbs I was at risk of injury because of their flailing.

BDSM is in the eye of the beholder, I know lots of people that do kinky things in their bedroom and have no clue that it may be BDSM stuff.

Just like some are only into bare handed OTK and others love paddles, brushes, switches, belts and other implements.

The feeling is as individual as the people that are playing.

I was walking with my lunch date back to his car, he was an older gentleman and was quite respectful, certainly seemed benign.

When we got into the car he told me just how much he enjoyed our lunch and was wondering if I would be open to indulging him in a role play game he really liked.

It does require some spacial reasoning, physical coordination, memorization and discipline, so it is possible that this may be difficult to learn for some people.

It peaked my curiosity and since he didn’t want sex I said sure why not. I wasn’t nervous as a rope bottom, I had a boyfriend who after the initial circus fuck stage of our relationship was over asked if I was open to trying something kinky.

He asked if he could give me a bare handed spanking on my bare butt laying across his lap while he called me dirty names. I imagine being a rope bottom is a bit like riding a rollercoaster. That was my first introduction to a safe word, sensory deprivation, bondage, spreader bars and blind folds.

What would be the one piece of advice you would give to anyone thinking about getting into rope bondage?

If someone is interested in learning about rope bondage, please get some education about rope bondage safety, some instructions for some basic ties (like a book, video, tutorial, classes for example) and learn a bit about basic anatomy so you don’t cut anyone’s circulation off, put to much pressure on a nerve area, bend a joint the wrong way or past your bottom’s ability to bend.

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