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While we all pretty much turn into the hair-flip emoji right after a trip to the salon, we're not sure if we've ever looked wind fan! And even though watching this video for the first time made us yell "WORK IT" at our computer screens, the clip also carries an important message about the redemptive qualities of self-care.You can see how Shuraaa's heavy, waist-length hair holds her spirit down, so it's truly touching to see her gain new confidence after receiving a banging blowout.They forgot to take it home when they left, so I continued to take the dolphin camping with us.I'd send him pictures of the dolphin's adventures when we went camping...looking out the camper window to see the pretty trees, sitting at the picnic table, by the pond, riding in the truck, etc.Some of my favorite bloggers have excellent tips for video chatting with toddlers., and many of her ideas are helpful with toddlers and preschoolers as well.

We have collected some of the biggest gentlemen clubs decors and have developed an amazing Full Screen functionality to turn your desktop screen into a real stripclub environment where girls pole-dance When asked about her hobbies, Elsa giggled & told us that she loves erotic fiction.

Number one on her list is to Skype with your child in the morning.

"[Kids] tend to be more tired and fussy at the end of the day.

First thing in the morning they are more willing to pay attention," she says.

A stylist from Moscow, Russia, who wrote on Instagram that hair transformations are "[her] life," just gave the grandmother of makeovers to none other than her very own grandma, Shurraaa.

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