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There is a problem, though: this line of thinking leads to a naive implementation of Chat Ops which I have seen far too often.Teams often select a bot based on a preferred language to write Chat Ops commands.As such, it must be secure, reliable and highly available not only from Chat Ops but from API, CLI, and hopefully GUI.If you do use an Automation Library, you can then expose actions easily to chatops.A good solution will provide chat friendly syntax, help, and other goodies with no need for extra code on the Bot side.Bots are a part of the Chat Ops solution, but they are like wheels, not the whole car, thus their choice is an internal implementation detail. I move that you stay in control of your integrations, on what tools are being integrated, and how exactly they are integrated.

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Design for that, and stay in control of your integrations with your infra and tools. Jira update ticket (action) and Jira on ticket update (trigger). Just like a consolidated, shared library of actions, you need a shared, consolidated library of “rules”, defining what gets posted to chat on which events and how.New chat platforms grow like mushrooms after the rain, including opensource “Slack alternatives”: Mattermost kandan Zulip -these are only a few that have come up on my radar recently. That, not a programming language for commands, is the basis to pick a bot for your DIY chatops. How do you like a team member who only responds to requests, never says a thing or cracks a joke? Just firing up the commands from the chat is not good enough; it goes in both directions: when something happens with your infrastructure, the bot should notify the chat room.With the proper two-way integrations your Chat Ops will rock like Git Hub’s.Or do you consider putting these scripts somewhere else and write a coffee-script to make it Chat Opsy with the help and human-talk-like syntax?Which leads to two smoking piles of scripts, a maintenance nightmare to keep all that smoke in sync? The right choice is: “base Chatops on the Automation Library, expose actions to scripts with no extra code”.

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