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Thoreau clad the outer walls in closely fitting shingles and carefully plastered the interior.

The house was large enough for his bed, writing table and not much else.

The young man, a Navajo, was traveling into town with his family when he began struggling for breath in the back of the car.

In the Black Mountain College, a whole university was modelled after Thoreau’s Walden.The man’s sudden death was all the more shocking because--other than having some flulike symptoms the previous few days--he had obviously been healthy and athletic; doctors learned later that he was a cross-country track star.Unlike many states, New Mexico requires unexplained deaths to be reported to a central registry, the Office of the Medical Investigator, in Albuquerque. That Friday, emergency room physicians called in Richard Malone, the deputy medical investigator based in Gallup.Everything about Thoreau’s life at Walden Pond was laden with symbolism, from the start date – Independence Day – to the length of his stay; two years, two months and two days.The house stood on land owned by Thoreau’s friend and mentor, the writer Ralph Waldo Emerson, and was constructed using borrowed tools.

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