Silver fox dating uk

We asked users, “Ladies, is silver hair really sexy on guys? At last, nothing remains but the semi-circular fringe above the collar. They accumulate power and status in the form of money and positions of influence as they grow older When you go on a date with a silver fox, there’s none of the dithering about that typifies a younger guy. Not every older guy has a fortune, but they are usually past the scrimping stage.

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But just because you were her age once, it doesn’t mean that dating a young woman is always plain sailing. Whatever the age gap, here’s how to date a younger women successfully. Youth might imply less experience, but it doesn’t mean a lack of empathy, nous and emotional intelligence.

A dad going through his second childhood makes a great playmate.

And he may pay a lot more attention to children of his later years than kids who came along while he was fully immersed in building his career.

Silver’s a sign he’s passed his prime — 16% These gals are certainly entitled to this opinion, but in my book, the real turn-off is the thinning pelt.

All the women in his life who have preceded you — his mom, his girlfriends, and especially his first wife — have hopefully taught him what women want.

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