Russian girls for sex

They developed a plan for seducing lonely secretaries that worked in important state institutions of West Berlin.The first contact was supposed to happen on a bus stop, in a cafe, or during a lunch break.Sukarno said to flabbergasted agents that the people of Indonesia would be very proud of him, if they could see him doing the nasty with Russian girls.East-German intelligence progressed in the field of sex spying as well.The intelligence opened two brothels in Belfast for blackmailing the leaders of local political movements and for obtaining intelligence information.Those brothels were packed with best prostitutes from all over Europe - they executed the tasks of the English intelligence for very good money.Odessa, on the frontier of the ex Soviet Union, is the new tourist magnet for Americans. The pioneer spirit is strong with these Americans who are taking advantage of Odessa's reputation as home of the world's most beautiful women.

Secret agents were making up to three thousand records a month, every girl worked with five clients a day.The Irish used pretty girls for distracting soldiers’ attention at their posts or near police stations during army operations.The British were not sitting on their hands, they set up a sex squad in return too.It was the USSR that established one of the most sophisticated special services in the world, which trained female spies to seduce men.There has been a book put out recently about sex spying.

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