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Russia, they’ll tell you, is a country of villages (and Moscow the largest). In the north, peasant huts, were traditionally decorated outside with carved window frames.Inside hung elaborately embroidered linen cloths and, in the “Holy Corner”, an icon. Onion-domed churches were of elaborately decorated wood, tribute to the creativity of the hardy Russian peasants with their rich traditional culture.

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Challenging though the process often is, learning Russian has immensely enriched my life. The land of Russia itself is a huge argument for learning the Russian language.

When, for instance, your train arrives in Samara an hour earlier than you ‘ve told the person who’s supposed to be meeting you.

(Well, I didn’t know that Samara was in a different time zone from Moscow and that all trains run on Moscow time.) Practical, survival knowledge aside, the main reward when you have even the roughest of working knowledge of the lingo is the ability to engage with the locals at a whole new level.

When I started learning Russian as a young graduate student of history, achieving fluency seemed an unattainable dream.

Now I’ve been functionally fluent for years but I’m working hard to try to up my game at the advanced level.

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