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They were farmers who subsisted on corn, squash, and whatever else they could find growing in the high pinon & juniper desert. The Indians had moved 1,000 feet east across Del Charro Creek where they built two and three story dwellings that were made from slabs of latite, an igneous rock.

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One of the items the crew uncovered was a stone–called the 90 Foot Stone in island lore–which bore a series of strange symbols.Here is the question: Why were four legged animals not pictured on the pottery at San Lazaro Pueblo between 1150 AD when the pueblo was established and 1680 when it was abandoned? History Channel’s hit reality documentary is about to conclude its third season, and brothers Rick and Marty Lagina are no closer to finding either the island’s treasure or its curse than they were all the way back in 2014–or they’re closer than ever, depending on who you ask.His death, among thousands of others, will not be in vain.We will learn that aside from extraterrestrial beings visiting our planet and many different ET races tinkering with our DNA over millenia, there are ancient humanoid races that are more than 10 million years old.

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